The Project Sponsor should be

The Project Sponsor should be a person who is ready to accept any kind of complications in factors like meeting the deliverables, checking and sorting out the issues, checking if the project is in proper control or not, or if the project is guided in proper manner or not etc. In addition, he should be an active member who can look after the project in all aspects end to end and should be in a position to identify the requirements of the project.

Moreover, he should plan and organize his work among his team members based on the timelines of the project. According to the case study, Al Zink was not very much interested to work as a Project Sponsor because he was always nervous and unwilling to make decisions. He was also panic that if if the project results in negative, then it would affect his work life and career very badly. Not only Al Zink but also few of the executives do not accept to work as project sponsors because of the risk factors associated with it. People who has high leadership qualities will be interested to be project sponsors.

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