The gases does not react in the troposphere.

The process of the ozone depletion starts when chemically substances like chlorofluorocarbon and halon gases are release into the Earth’s surface. These chlorofluorocarbon and halon gas contains mainly bromine and chlorine. Refrigerators, air-conditioners, insulating foams, fire extinguishers are mainly the source of these gases made by human used in many applications. Furthermore, these gases accumulate in the lower atmosphere on called the troposphere and will be transported to the stratosphere later or sooner.

Stratosphere is one of the layer of the Earth’s atmosphere. Stratosphere is the second layer of the atmosphere as you rise. The accumulation occurs because most source gases does not react in the troposphere. Chlorofluorocarbon and halon gases does not react with ozone and these gases are then chemically transformed to a reactive gas by ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Due to the lack of vertical movement in the stratosphere, gases like chlorofluorocarbon that gets into the stratosphere can stay there for a long time which ends up depleting the ozone.

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Moreover, after a long time, the gases that entered the stratosphere will return to the lower atmosphere which is the troposphere. Through rain and other precipitation, these gases are then removed from the atmosphere and will be put into placed from the Earth’s surface. Therefore, when the ozone is depleted, there is more harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun that can be release into the atmosphere and when there is more ultraviolet radiation, people and the environment can face more problems in the future.


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