The incidences of leg weakness in meat typed

The problems of skeletal disorders have been well reported in both egg and meat typed chickens reared in a confined setting due to their fast growth and high egg production ability. In both in mammals and avian, bones have been well reported to provide structural and mechanical support as well as a storehouse for calcium and phosphorus among others during metabolism (Mutus et al. 2006). Several investigators suggest that probiotics may enhance bone strength and development in poultry. Mutus et al. (2006) reported the positive effect of probiotic supplementation on properties of the tibial bone in chickens. Plavnik and Scott (1980) reported that addition of 2.5% or 5.0% brewer’s yeast reduces the incidences of leg weakness in meat typed chickens. Better calcium and phosphorus retention and increased bone mineral deposit in the skeleton of chickens fed diet supplemented with probiotics has been reported (Nahashon et al. 1994). Authors have reported the increased thickness of the medial and lateral wall of the tibia, percentage ash, tibiotarsal index and phosphorus content, which are used as an index of bone strength has been reported in birds placed yeast supplemented diets (Mutus et al. 2006). Additionally, probiotic supplementation has been observed to slightly improve the tibia yield stress and modulus of elasticity of birds, which are used to the rigidity of the bones.


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