The of the spermatogenesis (Browder, 1985). In the

The primordial germinal cells split over and over again to frame the oogonia (Browder, 1985). The oogonia duplicate by the mitotic divisions and create the primary oocytes which go through the development stage (Browder, 1985).

The growth stage of the oogenesis is relatively longer than the growth stage of the spermatogenesis (Browder, 1985). In the development stage, the span of the primary oocyte increases dramatically (Browder, 1985). The cytoplasm of the oocyte develops rich in RNA, DNA, ATP and enzymes (Browder, 1985). In the growth stage, dramatic changes additionally happen in the nucleus of the primary oocyte (Browder, 1985). The nucleus gets big because of the expanded measure of the nucleoplasm and is called germinal vesicle (Browder, 1985). The chromosomes change their shape and end up noticeably mammoth light brush chromosomes which are specifically related with expanded transcription of messenger RNA atoms and protein synthesis in the cytoplasm (Browder, 1985). At the point when the development of the cytoplasm and nucleus of the primary oocyte is finished, it is then ready to progress onto the maturation phase (Browder, 1985).

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