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The play “Hello, Dolly!” is about a widowed matchmaker named Dolly Levi trying to match Mr. Horace Vandergelder with a wife, but as time goes by, she decides that she wants to marry him. Horace then decides that Ermengarde, his niece, should go with Dolly to NYC to escape Mr. Kemper. Then Mr. Vandergelder intends to marry Irene Molloy and tells his two clerks Cornelius and Barnaby to attend his shop while he is gone.

Then the two clerks decide to take a break and go visit New York in order to find love. When they get there, they stumble into Irene’s shop, and they introduce themselves as rich men; suddenly Horace and Dolly arrive. The clerks hide from Horace and all hopes of marriage between Irene and Horace vanishes after he finds out two men are in the shop. Then Dolly tells the two clerks that they should take the girls out to dinner.

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She then plans to match Horace with an heiress named Ernestina, but then Dolly enters the restaurant. Then he catches Ermengarde dancing with Mr. Kemper and catches his two clerks trying to escape. He then decides to fire them and that made Dolly mad and then she leaves him. The day after, he’s remorseful and promotes the two clerks, proposes to dolly, and allows Mr. Kemper to marry Ermengarde.The play was probably written around the beginning of the 1900’s because the setting seems to be around that time period. The stage space given for the performance was not very big, which made the setting a lot smaller.

The intended audience for this play is for upper-middle class to upper class people, because people were dressed in very fancy clothes and attire. When I got to the theatre the lighting was not very bright and made the feeling of the theatre feel very elegant and fancy, which added to the calm ambience of the crowd as the actors began to perform. The set that was used during the performance varied from very realistic to not very realistic, the director might have decided to make some changes to the play due to the constraint of how small the stage was. The music of the performance was used to give a sense of rising action and it was used to transition from scene to scene. Sound effects of the play were pre-recorded and were employed when an actor open and closed a door and when a character walked or danced around the stage. This gives the performance a rare dramatic touch when those sound effects are employed. The costumes that the actors used throughout the performance were very realistic and match the type of outfits that were used during that time period and the location. The female characters wore very fancy dresses and had either a fancy hat or they wore a hair ribbon, while the male characters wore fancy suits and top hats.

The most developed character throughout the play was Dolly Levi, because she arranged most of the events that transpired during the play and managed to pull of her plan of getting Mr. Vandergelder to propose to her and helped convince Mr. Vandergelder to allow Mr. Kemper to marry his niece. Her character’s personality and acting made the production much more visually impacting because she brought the dancing and the fun to the performance and strengthens the performance’s overall impact and style.

I chose this performance because I wanted to see a different type of play than what I am used to seeing and it turned out to be more comical than most performances out there.


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