The united states economy in the 1950 was

The united states economy in the 1950 was in response of the Cold War. During the Cold War the U.S and Soviet Union was in competitions for power each other and they both had money, big population of people and a large military. There are multiple approaches to looking at the origins of the Cold War.

In the immediate and used by students in the western world explain the beginng of the conflict. In the late 1940s and early 1950s places the responsibility of the Cold War squarely on the shoulds of Soviet expansionism into eastern Europe and sees the actions of the USA as reactive. Soviet view was that the Cold War was undeniably a product of American aggression.

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As a capitalist country, the USA could not help but participate in imperialism, which was inherently expansionistic. Although the USA did not officially colonize countries, it created economic dependence in its client states. What is the Federal Highway Act? It was passed in 1956 by president Dwight Eisenhower. They did this due to Capitalism. (carrot and the stick ). It was help people get to places, and make the government look good.

It was also to evacuate the city quickly in case of a attack.The effects of the raod work was the gas went up and they agreed to use taxpayer money. 1956 they split the cost with the states.

It made people displaced from their houses.Relationship to the Cold War Made was traveling more efficient. They could take thing to places faster. They made a lot of money out of it . They brought advantages to the USA.

We can learn from this act by trying to analyze the system and what they were able to do. Also it explains more of of what the president Dwight Eisenhower wanted to do with .How it was made, why they made it, who made it. We learn how much it money they had to put in to it, how long it took to make it.

In today it is still used and many drive on get to many places on this route. Baby Boom was a period after the great dspression and World War II. 1946-1964 there was over 77 million of births. Boomers amke up about 26% of the population.

Economy and government began to balance itself. Women were encouraged to stay home as a housewife along with being a mother while the husband worked.They had major impacts in careers in the military , law enforcement, business, blue collar trades, and Republican Party politics.Baby boomers continue to have a big effect on politics, (2016 presidential election).

Boomers are often associated with the counterculture of the 1960s ,the Civil rights movements , and the “second-wave” feminist cause of the 1970s.Economy overall grew by 37% during the 1950s. Unemployment remained low, bottoming at less than 4.5%.The main goal Eisenhower pursued through his terms was to achieve a balanced federal budget. Eisenhower allowed the federal deficit to grow in order to stimulate the economy.

Credit Card Buying on credit stimulated the economy. Keynesian economic theory of total spending in the economy. Space Race Massive social investment in an effort to catch up in science and in technology.

Low unemployment rates and higher wages helped popularity of capitalism. Government spending On things like highways, schools and military kept the public optimistic and improved the overall view of capitalism.Variety and availability of consumer goods expanded enhancing the quality of life. G.I. Bill was a low cost mortgage for returning soldiers . What is consumerism?  Consumerism is the belief in material goods. Consumerism is based on capitalism.

The USA is a consumeristic society. They believe that the more you consume the better.In the 1950s the economy grew a 37%. The Great Depression and the War had caused a spending freeze. The consumer was considered a “Patriotic citizen.Due to the boosted economy people wanted to spend more.

The Result of Consumerism in the 1950s was a lot of families were middle class. Many white left city for suburbs, advertisement was made for youth, lots of things were invented.Consumerism Buy anything you want.Work anywhere to become middle class Culture disappearing.

You work on what you’re skilled at. People canannot buy freely.  1950 automobile history The automobile was a big thing. The automobile unions helped women rights. Automobiles, parts not produced during war.When WW2 ended automobile budget . 1950s American Automobile culture.

1950 American automobile companies had big impact . A lot of Americans buyed automobile . America’s manufacturing economy started with  automobile .

There was a lot of employment. 1941 Over 3 million cars were made. In 1950 8 million cars were made in U.S.A. Factories transition increase consumer based economy. Auto Industry helped shape the economy to a powerhouse.

One in six Americans was in the auto industry. Detroit became successful in automobile jobs. Several big cities became popular {new york}.

1950 had the biggest employment in automotives. What is the Truman’s  Fair Deal? The Truman Fair Deal is The Fair Deal was an ambitious set of proposals put forward by U.S. President Harry S.

Truman. He recommended that all Americans have health insurance, that the minimum wage. By law, all Americans be guaranteed equal rights. 21-Point program : designed to promote a better life for all Americans . Many politicians were disagree. He thinks that every government needs to play an active role in securing economic justice . Truman proposed the Fair Employment Practices Act. The act outlawed racial and religious discrimination in hiring.

Congress passed the Act in 1946 and supported it fully. Congress did raise the minimum wage and extend Social Security coverage and raise SS benefits. To make matters worse, Truman administration suffered from plenty of legislative opposition in Congress. A conservative coalition of Republicans and conservative Democrats, had developed in the late 1930s to stall the New Deal. This conservative coalition had strengthened by the early 1950s and was determined to block Truman’s Fair Deal. Two Cold War crises regarding the taiwan Strait occurred in the 1950s that highlight the increased tensions between the Siviet Union and People´s Republic of China.


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