The 900 species. (Wilkinson, C. 2000.) The Filipino

The Philippines is the second largest coral reefs in Southeast Asia that supports hundreds of marine species. (Burke, L., E. Selig, and M. Spalding. 2002) It is part of the coral triangle located at the epicenter of the Philippines marine biodiversity.

The most diverse and richest ecosystem providing a wide array of food and shelter are the coral reefs for the living organisms. A 10,000 square miles covered by coral reefs in the Philippines that has 400 kinds of hard corals and different fishes that are more than 900 species. (Wilkinson, C. 2000.) The Filipino locals depends on fishing, tourism, agricultural and storm protection as their living, with the tremendous amount of natural resources that comes from the product of a healthy coral reefs. Serving as the storm surge natural barriers protecting the local settlements and infrastructure benefiting the community.

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(Wilkinson, C. 2008.) The wealth and beauty of both marine species and coral reefs shows how healthy the sea around the country, drawing attention of divers and tourist to experience.

In Zambales, located at the northern part of Luzon, the province intensified the support of coral reef protection, minimizing the cyanide fishing. “An effective science-based program management can save, sustain and restore the valuable coral reefs and other marine resources that depend on this reef system. The key to preserve coral reefs is to mitigate the threats.” – Zambales Rep.

Jun Omar Ebdane. (Inquirer, 2013). The coastline of Zambales is also the most famous spots for the beaches and deep-sea waters with lots of coral reefs and these major features makes big contributions playing important role for the local’s livelihood for the municipality.

DENR says that 37% of the coral reefs are degraded, and these kinds of problems have a huge effect to the community especially to their livelihood. (DENR, 2017) Coral Reefs should be supported towards the sustainable management and conservation of local and regional Coral Reef resources through training and education with a proper monitoring, protecting, conserving, rehabilitating and restoration of corals by a facility ensuring a responsibility that coral reefs will not be endangered and refrain the possibility to be an extinct.


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