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The pharmaceutical industry can be defined as a complex of processes, operations and organizations involved in the discovery, development and manufacture of drugs and medications. Syngene International is one of the largest and fastest growing global CROs which provide end-to-end discovery, development and manufacturing services. Our multi-disciplinary skills in integrated drug discovery and development include medicinal chemistry, biology, in vivopharmacology, toxicology, custom synthesis, process R&D, cGMP manufacturing and formulation. Our ability to seamlessly integrate our comprehensive capabilities differentiates us from our competitors. We accomplish this integration by forming multi-disciplinary teams that work cohesively, monitoring projects continuously and proactively addressing and resolving critical issues Advanced analytics, sensors, and the automation of complex decisions are capable of delivering a step change in the efficiency, speed, quality, and responsiveness of business processes in all industries. The pharmaceutical industry is no exception. To thrive in a digital world, pharma companies will need to deploy next-generation technologies to streamline their business processes. They need to achieve near real-time transparency of their clinical-trials portfolio in R&D, for example, and frictionless sales and operations planning in the supply chain, as well as meet new expectations in efficiency and agility from customers, employees, patients, and suppliers.


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