The time. Lily Collins is beautiful, talented

The person I’m going to describe is American actress Lily Collins. She’s the one I admire for a very long time. Lily Collins is beautiful, talented and strong person, because of her past experiences.
Lily Collins is 29 years old and 165 centimeters tall. She has brown eyes and hair, and she is famous for her characteristic eyebrows. However, Lily was born in England, she and her mother moved to the California after her parents got divorced.
In fact, Lily is excellent and very polular actress. Despite she played in American films, she is well-known over the world. Lily has studied broadcast journalism at University of Southern California. As a teenager she wrote for Seventeen magazine, Teen Vogue and The Los Angeles Times. Then she started her actress career.
Lily is really talented, unbelievably beautiful, but there is another thing I admire her for. She had to deal with a divorce of her parents when she was 5 and of not seeing her father so often. She had a lot of problems, because of her dark eyebrows, and she had been through anorexia, when she was younger. Nevertheless, she handeled with all her problems marvelously. She has written an inspirative autobiography called ‚Unfiltered’, where she has described her whole life, and whole situations she had been through.
Personally I think, Lily Collins is admirable person, who want to share her feelings with other people to make them stonger. Although she is famous person, she is kind, helpful and her family is a priority for her. She would never refuse to help them, because of money or fame.


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