The the Persians’ top achievements. In addition, the

The Persian Empire was one of the most mysterious civilizations in the ancient world. Persia became an empire under the Cyrus the Great, who created a policy of religious and cultural tolerance that became the hallmark of Persian rule. Engineering feats include an innovative system of water management; a cross-continent paved roadway stretching 1500 miles; a canal linking the Nile to the Red Sea; and the creation of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Mausoleum of Maussollos. The rivalry between Persia and Athens led to a 30-year war known as the Persian Wars, the outcome of which helped create the world we live in today. Peter Weller hosts.

Persian Empire was best for its time. The Mediterranean civilisations no longer simplest learnt from them but in addition multiplied on them. I believe the reply lies within the devout perception in their gods. The Greek and later Roman provide non secular answers in their every day lives. The One God perception of the Judeo Christians made it possible for European Christianity to type the local weather to build the culture of the last empires that still dominate our world.

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While including their large empire certainly was something the Persians were proud about, the Persian empire’s main achievements were the sophistication of their arts and legal system. For example, if you consider architecture to be an art, then the Hanging Gardens of Babylon would be among the Persians’ top achievements. In addition, the geometrical art that is so common among the middle east nations today is descended from Persian art. Also, their legal system, while being strict, was very sophisticated for their time, outshone only by those of Greece and Rome, the classical examples of ancient civilization. And finally, lets not forget the wealth of the Persian empire. Situated between India and Europe, Persia was the main rout for spices from the far east, not to mention silk, incense, and other trade goods.


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