The the leaf, and the leaf slowly floats

The park is small, no bigger than the size of a large backyard. There is an oak wood fence surrounding the park. The red paint on the fence is faded, making it look brown, and in some places almost tan. Just inside the fence, there are many tall birch trees, with colorful leaves, some being red, some yellow, and some brown. The leaves are very crisp, for it is late autumn. There is a faint whistle of wind, shaking the leaves and making some fall off of the trees and float gently towards the ground, landing silently on the soft green grass. There are also a few small bushes on the ground. In the middle of the park is a small pond for animals to come and drink from. The water in the pond is still as a statue, and there is a single leaf floating on the surface of the pond. Then, another leaf lands gently on the pond. This causes the water to ripple around the leaf, and the leaf slowly floats around.
Then, a small, black puppy came running out of one of the bushes like a bunny rabbit. The puppy had brown, beady eyes and very thick fur. It started running around the pond over and over, until suddenly, it collapsed. It stayed that way for a few seconds, and then it got up and walked over to the pond, and started aggressively drinking the water, splashing it all over. Afterwards, it shook the water off of its body, and started running again. It ran straight towards the leaf pile, but then abruptly stopped itself just before it would have hit the pile, like like a car that suddenly hits the brakes at a red light. The puppy then started running around the pile like it was trying to catch its tail. Then, it jumped into the leaf pile, and the leaves made a loud crunch. It rolled around in the leaf pile like a pig in a mud puddle. When it came out of the pile, there were leaves stuck to its fur, so it tried to shake them off. However, there were still some leaves stuck in its fur, so it started running around, weaving in and out of bushes, around the pond, and behind trees, so fast that it was able to get the leaves out of its fur. The puppy was completely exhausted afterwards. It was panting as it walked slowly over to the pond, and started lapping up the water. After it finished drinking, it walked over to the trees, and sat down to rest.


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