The name of the country that I’m doing

The name of the country that I’m doing is China and China islocated in Asia and Asia is a big continent.

China is border by 14 othercountries which is Korea, Vietnam,Laos,Burma,India,Bhutan,In,Pakistan,Afghanistan,Tajikistan,Kyrgyzstan,Kazakhstan,Mongolia,and Russia.China is one of the best countries in the world to explore because it has a lotof landmarks and things of that nature china has so many places people canvisit that it’s not even funny. China is very very very populated thepopulation of china is 1.379 billion that was the population number in 2016.China is also big on religion in china there is a lot of different religionsover in china there is around 300 million religious believers in china likeBuddhism and Taoism is the the top two religions over in china. A lot of peoplein china use Buddhism as the number  onereligion buddhism is just the most common religion that everyone goes by inchina. In china there is a lot of ethnic groups so that means there is a lot ofpeople in china that only believe in certain things and there is exactly 56ethnic groups in china. The main and most popular ethnic group that is in chinais the Han chinese they are the most known because the han chinese people donot like other ethnic groups.

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Han people are an East asian ethnic group and nation the han ethnic group plays a big part in china’sculture the han ethnic group is like the frontier for the other ethnic groups.In the U.S the language spoke the most is English some people are hispanic thatare in the U.

S and they speak spanish. In china the language that is spoken themost is Mandarin. Mandarin is the original language of China in China languageplays a very big part in the culture of Chinese people and the other people ofchina.

China’s money is different from U.S dollars there currency is call thethe Renminbi known as Chinese yuan. China does also put people that wereimpactful on their culture in their currency. The impactful person that is onChina’s currency is Mao Zedong.

Mao Zedong was a former chairman of thepeople’s republic of China Mao Zedong was not a president he had got put onChina’s currency because of his leadership. The history of china goes so farback to ancient times the history of china makes china what it is today chinais very big on history. One thing that china is really known for is therefighting styles. The one style of fighting is Kung Fu the fighting style ofkung fu has come along way the style is very unique and hard to master it isalso a sport now that is worldwide.

The guy that really express the fightingstyle was Bruce Lee he made chinese way of fighting very interesting Bruce Leeinspired people across the world to martial arts he made a cool and fun thingto do.Bruce Lee plays a big part in china’s history as a martial arts master.Another key part to china’s history is the Xia Dynasty the Xia Dynasty was thefirst established dynasty of many and it was established in 2070 BC.

During theXia Dynasty they were a strong tribe and they were involved with a lot of warbefore their dynasty was passed on to the son of Day yu. Around the time of theShang dynasty during 1800 BC china was a empire back during this time and age.The Shang dynasty did not really consist of a government it was more like adictatorship because there dynasty consisted of a emperor and an empress.

During the reign of the Qin dynasty in 200 BC the emperor had managed to getmore power and a whole lot control. During the time of the Qin dynasty thegovernment changed from how the Shang dynasty had run their government. Insteadof letting the local leaders run the government Qin had sent out judges andgovernors that Qin thought he should send out governors and judges that hepicked. When the Han dynasty took over the new emperors started use interviewlike ways to choose governors and judges and they did not pick women aroundthis time time for nothing so they did not get the best judge or the bestgovernors for their government because  therewere women that were good judges and possibly greater governors. When the Suidynasty was ruling in 600 AD the emperor’s required  a systematic- census the reason for thecensus was to make sure that everyone was paying their taxes so that it could befair for everyone the Sui dynasty taxes were to pay to fight war ,and digcanals for their transportation and irrigation. T’ang dynasty the emperor’scontinued the census for the taxes but they also used the census so that theycould promote trade.

During the time that the shang dynasty ruled the Silk roadof Central Asia and around this time the Silk road became very important.The RepublicanRevolution of 1911, the leader was Sun-yat sen, had made the Quing dynasty cometo an abrupt end. The Republic of china could not established their governmentbecause there was so much war going on in china. The dynasty that reigned thelongest in china was the Zhou dynasty in reigned from 1046 BC to 256 BC thezhou dynasty play a big part because they were the longest reigning and that’sa big accomplishment in china’s history to be the longest reigning.

Anotherimportant event in china’s history is the Opium war the opium war was a warbetween china and britain. The reason the opium war started is because chinadid not want to trade or have anything to do with britain but britain tookthings into their  own hands by startingto sell opium to the people of china and opium was an addictive drug that hadthe people of china addicted to it. China tried to tried to enforce some lawsbut that only made britain start a war with china a waging war only becausebritain believed in free trade. While the opium war was going it stared up theTaiping Rebellion during the time of this rebellion lots of people in chinadied on both sides. During the time of rebellion some people of china died fromstarvation and most died from combat during the Taiping rebellion.

The wayChina’s history is set up is very very unique there history fits well withthere culture China’s history had its ups and downs.China hasa lot of places that are ancient that people should visit in china. One placeto visit is the Great Wall Of China. The Great Wall is a very important placein china because it has a lot to do with china’s history. The Great Wall Of Chinais the world’s longest wall and biggest ancient architecture. The Great wall ofchina has some great Scenery the wall ‘s length is 21,196.18.

The Great wall OfChina is more than 2,300 years old. Nearly ? of the wall is missing with notrace of were it has gone. The Great Wall has tremendous meaning to China’shistory. The Forbidden City is another great place to visit in China. Theforbidden City is one of three palaces in the country of China the otherpalaces that are there is the Mukden palace, and the Potala palace. Theforbidden city is the largest palace in the whole world. The forbidden cityattracts a lot of tourists when they come to china the forbidden city ischina’s main attraction it is the most visited place in china today 14 millionvisitors annually.

The Forbidden city has 9,999 rooms filled with china’sancient artifacts in the palace the artifacts in the palace tells and datesback to china’s ancient history and historical facts. The Forbidden city wasthe to approximately 24 chinese emperors and the emperors of the ming dynastybegan construction on the palace in 1406 and the palace was completed in 1420.The Forbidden city is another ancient place that makes china what it is todaybecause without the forbidden city there would be no china because theforbidden city holds a lot of china’s history in it like artifacts and names ofthe great people that also makes china what it is. The Great Wall of China andthe Forbidden City are to of the most visited places in china they both bring themost visitors to china because they mean so much to the culture and to thecountry. They both are china’s greatest accomplishments and the Great Wall andthe Forbidden city date all the way back to BC time. The Great Wall and theForbidden City are Great places in china.China’stradition is so special and different from other traditions china’s traditionis a very unique tradition.

China celebrates certain things that due withreligion. China celebrates there Chinese New Year exactly how people in the U.Scelebrates the new year but China’s new year is a little different. The chinesenew year is celebrated from the evening progressing the first day ,the lanternfestival on the 15th day of the first calendar month.

During the chinese newyear chinese families gather together annually and have fun and they also havefirework shows that part of the of the chinese new year has something to dowith the american way of new years. In the chinese culture christmas is notcelebrated as much as people think christmas is celebrated in other countriesonly a small percentage a tiny percentage of chinese people are christians notto many people in china know about christmas especially the american way of theholiday and the tradition. China’s culture is also different when it comes tomarriage in the chinese culture of marriage they do a tea ceremony. The teaceremony is rare only people of china participate and do this at thereweddings. The way the tea ceremony is set up is that the bride and groom do iskneel on one knee in front of their parents and serve them tea and then thankthem which in that way they are thank their parents for their up bringing or inmost marriage ceremonies in china they switch and the bride thanks the groomfamily and the groom thanks the bride’s family. China is a great country thereis so much to know about china.

China has impacted me in many many ways Ilearned things about china that I never knew and i’m happy I picked china as myproject. I’ve learned so much about china it feels as though I’ve been therebefore even though I never did. China is a wonderful place it’s beautiful andthere’s so much to learn and see when visiting. I wish to visit china one dayand go to all these places that I have researched because doing research onanother country other than the U.S is amazing and that’s what makes china 


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