The political system of British. Not even having

The journey of development of a political system inPakistan proved to be as its most epic failure. The dream of having a parliamentarygovernment in itself was a mockery for a country like Pakistan who was newlyborn. The pre-requisite of parliamentary form of government is a politicallyaware nation who knows its problems well.

Not only problem but rights too. Thecountry like Pakistan where leaders of great stature manipulated people overmottos like Roti, Kapra, Makan, without telling them that these are included  in the very basic duties of a state. Pakistaninitially inherited the political system of British.

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Not even having itsconstitution till 1956 was another horrific blow. Democracy in Pakistan tookits last breath when Quaid-I-Azam took the charge of office as Governor Generalconcentrating all power in his post. This was a clear proof what Quaid wanted i.e.Presidential form of Government.  After the formation of Pakistan, the politicians in WestPakistan were feudal lords with no experience of managing a newly born stateand take it out of all its problems. They were those people who were giventerritories and titles on the basis of their local influence and loyalties toBritish Taj, with no political siegness.

On the other hand leaders in EastPakistan were more inclined towards political game. Infect the major supportfor ML came from Bangal, which shows political consciousness of Bengalis. Therewas no leader of equal stature of Quaid-I-Azam, who could unite people. SoJinnah limited all powers to himself. Another issue was the shifting of capitalto Karachi; Bengali regarded the new government in Karachi as Western Pakistangovernment. This sown the seeds for horrific outcomes we bore in 1971.

Unfortunately, Jinnah died within one year due to a stroke, and the dream of agreat nation died too.Liaquat Ali Khan who clearly lacked the charisma ofQuaid, having no political roots in public, took office as a Prime Ministerafter Quaid.  Unlike his predecessor, he tooksteps that governed more powers to Prime Minister making the post of Presidenta ceremonial one. He extended the powers of Prime Minister. ObjectiveResolution was passed in 1956 which is regarded as the first step to the roadof constitution making in Pakistan Unfortunately, it failed. 


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