The Computershare has also been audited by

The other company in IT industry is Computershare. Computershare has also been audited by PwC.
And the KAM communicated by PwC in the individual reports are as follow:

i) Uncertain tax positions
For the report of 2017, PwC found that the company was working with ATO for arranging price for the remuneration received from other subsidiary companies for licensing of some intangible assets. So, basically, the company was looking for deductions based on this but it was found that ATO disagreed with this basis of application of deduction and asked for the basis on how the intangible asset were calculated

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ii) Revenue recognition:
Computershare was chosen by UK Asset Revolution to perform mortgage servicing actions for 2016. For this, certain fixed fee was arranged to be payed over four years for the service. Since the fixed fee is considered on the percentage of completion basis under Australian Accounting Standards, it was found that company should reassess the forecast infrastructure cost and current year costs for each date to govern proper fraction of work completed.

iii) Impairment asset of goodwill:
PwC found that the company possessed goodwill worth $1.6 billion, which comprises of 41% of the total worth of company. The company had assessed its goodwill impairment by using discounted cash flow model to compute Value in use or each operating segment. These operating segments were compared to their book values to determine for any kind if impairment required. This model was used for future forecast for a 5year period and terminal growth rate was applied to calculate terminal value.


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