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The role of Job’s friends in the story was to help Job in his time of need. They came on his behalf to see what he was needing help with. They were trying to figure out why God was punishing Job, so they sat there and came up with many different scenarios. Job’s friends thought the reason why he was getting punished because either he was evil or doing evil things. But that was not the case.

So, they were encouraging him to curse God, but that was one thing Job could not do was misbehave in front of God. He always acts in a kindly matter.    The fundamental question in “The Book of Job” is to put your trust in God, and to never turn away from him. At times in the story, Job feared God and turned away from evil, so Job expected he was not doing anything wrong, which he was not.  Many people think since they are not doing wrong and living right it is fine.

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But our God is an everlasting God, so we should never fear him, but put our trust in God and thank him every single day. God was mostly trying to test Job faith, but not once did Job curse him for what he was doing. Job wanted to, but he knew God was probably doing this for a reason. Even though his friends grew tireless and told him told him to talk back to God, but Job could not do it. Job knew he fears God, but at the same time, he knew he could not talk bad about what God was doing to him. He did not have it in his heart to do so. Throughout the story Job’s friends continue to give him wicked advice, but Job did not listen to them.

Job knew he fears God, but the advice his friends were giving him he also knew was very wrong. Even later in the story, God is not pleased by their actions. So yes, Job finally get an answer to his question when God interrupts, by calling from a whirlwind and demanding Job to be brave and to respond to his question. God shows Job his creations and how much power he has alone. God describes many detailed of his creation especially his creation of the two large beasts Behemoth the hippopotamus and Leviathan. Job is very overwhelmed by the encounter with God, but he acknowledges God’s unlimited power and limitations of his human knowledge.

So, God is very pleased with Job response to everything that is happening but is very disappointed with Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar for saying poor unsound advice about him. Page 139 the last two paragraphs shows how Job, intercedes on their behalf to help them, and God finally forgives them. God finally return Job’s fortunes, when he prayed for his friend’s forgiveness. God then blessed Job with twice as much as he did before. So, you can see, when Job finally decided to put his trust in God, he answered Job question and God blessed him abundantly.


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