The hospitals but they never get entertained easily

The private hospitals are ordered to start treatment if the income certificate is shown without prior enquiries. Researcher have interviewed some domestic workers living in slums on random basis that where they go for a treatment? There answer is that they get medicine from some medical shops or what if they have some severe problems? They said they approach AIIMS or safdarjung hospitals but they never get entertained easily as they have to wait for long hours or many be days or months. If this could be the conditions of the government hospitals, what we should expect from the private hospitals which are mainly setup for serving the rich plus attracting and extracting the patients from all over India that is a new trend called as Medical tourism.The hospitals like Fortis Gurgaon has facilities like theatre, food lounge, prayer room etc. they are offering the best facilities but all are consumed by the medical tourist. Our marginalized section of society is ignored. They fear of entering into such hospitals like 5 star hotels so they will charge high cost for treatment. Many of urban slums doesn’t have any idea about free treatment of BPL class from these private hospitals.

Researcher tries to uplift the veil of the private hospital the MAX Saket, the multispeciality hospital provides the best health facilities. On one hand Very good rooms, medical experts, high tech equipment etc. all complying with the global international standards and on the other hand what about the complying norms of government policy of free treatment to the EWS (economic weaker section). Are the main goal of government to give 100% coverage to health services to rural and urban area by privatizing the health sector is a good idea? Obviously not. The situation still seems bad, the privatization of health sector giving the other form of colonializing the India in the health sector too.

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The available bed of Max hospital for EWS is 28 beds but hardly is it used by any BPL class. It is mostly used by the relatives of doctors or middleman to make profits. The vacant bed of EWS has been misused by middlemen for profit earning according to the report of the newspaper in Hindu. As far as implementation of the National Health policy 2015 of free treatment to the 10% inpatient and 25% outpatient is also not implemented on the private hospitals. The poor class doesn’t even enter to the private hospitals as they have no information regarding this services as well as no knowledge of the policies, hence they prefer government hospitals.The present study throws light on the comparison of government hospitals and private hospitals on the implementation of policy for fulling the goal of providing “Health for All”.

According to the aim of NATIONAL HEALTH POLICY 2015:


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