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The movie “Wit” introduces us to a seventeenth-century English/poetry professor Vivian Bearing, who was diagnosed with metastatic stage IV ovarian cancer.

Vivian is a special patient with a deadly diagnosis, and who is interesting for doctors due to the possibility of using new treatments. Problem with it was Vivian diagnosis was severe and she agreed to undergo tests, more experimental treatment, and more pain. We see Vivian suffering and absence of friends and family, personally, it was really hard to see that the only person who takes care of her was one of the nurses on staff.

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This was an emotional story of Vivian which at times I smiled, cried and felt angry towards some of the medical staff and disease.Experiences with certain staff members made me upset/angry such as Dr. Kelekian. At the beginning of the movie, relaying the results to Vivian of her sonogram. In which, he relays everything in medical terms, which to me can be quite confusing/overwhelming for patients, especially receiving such news. Dr. Kelekian did not use show any “empathy” just went on speaking about her treatment without letting Vivian make her own decisions about what she may or may not have wanted.

Vivian looked frustrated and speechless, which I was feeling the same way at this moment. There was no compassion from the doctor and it was just frustrating. Experiences with Nurse Susie, shows that their is true compassion in the medical field. I felt as if Nurse Susie, set the standard for advocacy for patients.

Nurse Susie, went up and beyond in her line of work as a nurse during the movie. Comfort she gave and her presence in times of loneliness, helped Vivian become less anxious during the time of her treatment (just taking time out to listen to the patient helps in so many ways). Nurse Susie was there when it seemed as though Vivian was at her lowest moment after she continued to be sick, she offers her a popsicle and explains why.Which lead in to the laughing moment and showing the bond between a nurse and patient. What is impressive is that Nurse Susie cared enough to explain the progress of the treatment rendered and the end of life care the Vivian would want. Nurse Susie took time out to explain the difference between DNI/DNR letting her know the decisions was hers. She provided information that made sense to Vivian.

What I truly relate too is when Vivian coded, that she stepped forward and made her voiced heard about what the patient wanted “No Resuscitation”.Wit was a powerful movie and to me the main lesson from it was the lesson of “Kindness”. I think personally every individual should remember that there should be a place for empathy and kindness in everyday life. At the end was touching to me when we see Vivian thinking for life, it is necessary to be wise, but it is also necessary to be simply “kind”.

To me it is not a feel good kinda of movie, it did fill my heart with mix feelings, thoughts and emotions.


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