The most prevalent stereotype that

The most prevalent stereotype that still exists for individuals who commit serial murder is that society believes it is primarily a crime of males that are from a specific race.

Men and women from all racial, ethnic backgrounds, and socio-economic statuses have been found to be serial murderers. However, women have fought for equality with men in the United States since the mid 1800s with the initiation of the woman’s rights movement. Not for special treatment, not for better opportunities, or even affirmative action, just equality. When it comes to killing, they are simply not viewed as aggressive creatures by the public.

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They were forced to do it, they are the victims, they must have been mentally or physically abused (Gurian 2011). According to the radical feminists’ theory women serial killers are often looked at as they have preceded the murder because of the victimization that was typically at the hands of men. (Thompson, J & Ricard. S 2009)


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