The were chained together at the ankles.

The most controversial triangular trade during the late 16th century was the transatlantic slave trade. Although all of the key European countries had a hand in this despicable act, it was Britain that stood out as the world’s largest power in terms of slave trading. In that century alone, Britain had forcibly kidnapped and transported approximately three million Africans from their home. They were transported by ship across the ocean and the conditions were nothing short of horrendous. If you peek into a slave ship, you will see droves of slaves packed and stacked on top of each other in a small room. The conditions of the slaves were so bad that they brought a whole new meaning to the phrase packed like sardines, hence the picture of a sardine can. To make things worse, it should also be known that the slaves were chained together at the ankles. As a result, many slaves did not survive the journey and were thrown overboard. The rest who survived were fed and cleaned prior to arrival. Once they reached, they were paraded and auctioned off likened to cattle. The males were put to work at plantations while the females were forced to work as household maids.


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