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The MICROSTART GSM CONTROLLER has inbuilt Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) controlled, start/stop and remote monitoring. User can control the motor by voice call and SMS only by entering the password, so it provides security to the user.The unit can be installed at all places where controlling is needed for three-phase motor. It will monitor and measure all three phase voltages. ThecontrollerdisplaysthefaultoccurredinthesystemthroughLEDsandaccordinglysendthe SMS to the registered numbers, so that the user will be aware of the current status of the motor.

Also thesystemwillbeprovidingtheinformationintheregionallanguagesothatanyordinarypersoncan handle that system. The signal conditioning block is use to make voltage within the positive range which can be read by the ADC which is in microcontroller.The SPDT relay is used as a switch, to ON/OFF the motor. The microcontroller continuously monitor the RYB phase and if voltage is under, over voltage or not withintherangethenitwillOFFthemotorandsendthecorrespondingmessagetouserthroughGSM modem.LEDs are used for corresponding indication like dry run, SPP, power on, etc. IC aP89170 is used for sound recording(clip).

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131 Press 1 MOTOR ON For Switch ON the Site Motor 2 Press 3 MOTOR OFF For Switch OFF the Site Motor 3 Press 4 SET CURRENT For Storing the Motor Current in Memory of GSM Controller 4 Press AUTO MODE For Auto Mode Selection Unit Button Should be on AUTO Position 5 Press 6 RESET FAULT For Clear the Faults Occurred 6 Press 7 CHANGE PASSWORD For changing exiting password 7 Press 8 MANUAL MODE For Manual Mode Selection Unit Button can be on any Position 8 Press 9 STATUS For Current StatusOffMotorand StarterTable3.7: Keypad commands description3.3 HardwaredesignFigure 3.4: Hardware Architecture143.3.

1 RF: M95providesanRFantennapadforantennaconnection.M95comeswithgroundingpadswhichare next to the antenna pad in order to give a better grounding. To minimize the loss on the RF trace and RF cable, take design into account carefully. It is recommended that the insertion loss should meet the following requirements: GSM850/EGSM900 is less than 1dB. DCS1800/PCS1900 is less than 1.5dB.

1 GSM850 less than 109dbm 2 EGSM900 less than-109dbm 3 DCS1800 less than 109dbmTable3.8: RF Receiving Sensitivity3.3.2 Audio: Working voltage parameter of audio characteristic ranges from 1.2 to 2.

0 and its unit is V. Similarly, Current parameter ranges from 1.2 to 2.0 and its unit is uA.

3.3.3 SIMCard: TheSIMinterfacessupportsthefunctionalityoftheGSMPhase1speci?cationandalsosupportsthe functionality of the new GSM Phase 2+ speci?cation for FAST 64 kbps SIM card, which is intended for use with a SIM application Tool-kit.

3.3.4 Powersupply: The power supply is one of the key issues in designing GSM terminals. Because of the 577us radio burst in GSM every 4.615ms; power supply must be able to deliver high current peaks in a burst period. During these peaks, drops on the supply voltage must not exceed minimum working voltage of module.

Forthe M95 module, themax current consumptioncouldreachto 1.6A during atransmit burst. It will cause a large voltage drop on the VBAT. In order to ensure stable operation of the module, it is recommended that the max voltage drop during the transmit burst does not exceed 400mV.3.3.5 PowerOn: The module can be turned on by driving the pin PWRKEY to a low level voltage, and after STATUS pin outputs a high level, PWRKEY pin can be released.

After the STATUS pin goes to high level, PWRKEY can be released.3.3.6 UARTPort: • There are seven lines on UART interface. • Contain data lines TXD and RXD, hardware ?ow control lines RTS and CTS, other control lines DTR, DCD and RI.15Figure 3.

5: SIM cards• Used for AT command, GPRS data, etc. • Multiplexing function is supported on the UART Port. So far only the basic mode of multiplexing is available.

• Support the communication baud rates as the following:300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 14400, 19200, 28800, 38400, 57600 and 115200. • Support the following baud rates for Auto bauding function:


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