The of micro financial institutions varies from country

The microfinance revolution became one of the crucial tools towards helping the poor. Microfinance companies provide access to credible and affordable finance to improve the quality of life of the people by helping them to increase their incomes, become self-reliant and gain skills needed to graduate into the national financial market. However, poverty still remains as a main problem and reveals itself in new and more visible forms. According to the literature the impact of micro financial institutions varies from country to country, because the countries have different economic, political and social structure. It really brought miracles in various developing countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and etc.

, by providing financial services to the socially vulnerable population and support clients in their economic and social sphere to help in the poverty eradication to a large extent. However, in the upcoming days, it lost its social mission and moved toward profit-maximization like other businesses. Excess corporate interference with the main goal of profit maximization has its footprints in many developing countries like Kyrgyz Republic.

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