The mechanism of Software defined

The mechanism of Software defined networkingprovides automation of network services by abstraction of the lower-levelfunctionalities. This happens by segregating the control and data plane of thebase systems running the configuration. This causes less complication of the networkunderstanding and provides less running of the brain horse power for figuringand configuration of the network devices.  This new technology provides a quintenssial way tomanage the network . Here the packets are not processed by switch and aresimply looked in the flow table of the required entry.

The SDN controller is atthe heart of the system and acts as the operating system of the architecture.If there is no match found by the switch then the packets are transferred tothe controller and it decides whether to keep the package or not . This helpsin dividing the forwarding and processing. If the link or bridge between thedata and control plane is lost then the network looses processing plane. Thiscauses the controller to not be incharge anymore and the entire architecturegoes down .  

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