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The matter of identity I’ve learned from our readings deal with questions such questions as, “What makes it true that a person at one time is the same thing as a person at another time? “Generally, one’s personal identity is numerical of a single person. That is the necessary and sufficient conditions under which a person at one time and a person at another time can be said to be the same person. There are other inferences where the terms or description of identical, likeness, and sameness are argued and used to explain the identity of ourselves, others, and objects. Time relation and properties are factors that change the nature of each terminology.
We have learned that in philosophy certain philosophers believe that one’s personal identity extends only so far as their own consciousness. To say that one is only the same individual based on their experiences and memories. That one’s sameness requires the sameness of psychological states. This would be used to argue that it is a person’s experiences that link them to being who they are regardless of their personality change, like in the case with the beggar and the prince. It was the notion that though they woke up in different physical bodies than they fell asleep in, they still had the memories, thoughts, ideas and I’m sure beliefs of the individual they were before falling asleep.
In the particular situation where one can say that a set of twins were to be identical, they are speaking in the sense that they have the same physical qualities and features as each other. They were conceived at the same time and came from the same egg that separated during development in their mother’s womb. However, this is not to say that they are the same people. Just as you could go into the grocery store and see you identical bottles of water that are the same size, shape, wrapped with the “same” label and contain the formula of substance, they are entirely separate entities. The same would go for the twins. They are two totally separate people with the opportunity to have totally separate beliefs, ideas, goals, and opinions. In regards to the situation with the piece of chalk, if you have used it throughout the day it would have obviously worn down and shorter than it was when you began using it. Regardless it is still the same unit of chalk that you began with.
When after reuniting with an individual after several years, one could say that the person is a totally different person. Of course, this should not be taken literally. It is physically impossible for someone to morph or turn into a different physical person. What an individual would mean by this statement is that the person in reference to has changed so much perhaps mentally, in maturity, or in personality overall. I know when people reunite with me who knew me when I was much younger on drugs and alcohol, or even a year ago, they exclaim how much I have changed. I am a totally different person than who I once was because my desires, anger, resentment, mindset, music, dress (I could go on) are totally different now from how they used to be. Even physically I look like a totally different person because speaking from a faith standpoint, I was a spiritually dead woman walking. Regardless though I am still the same Yvette who was born January 1981 to Bonita Simmons and Daryl Drew, just completely transformed.
Now, this last question is a little tricky professor. The reason is that, as you know by now, I align my entire life and what I believe to be living the word of God (The Bible). With that being said, from a philosophical perspective, I believe based on the information we have explored about identity that when teleported to California I would be the same person. I say this based on the fact the prompt states that all of my thoughts, ideas, opinions, and beliefs are the same as they were when I was in New York before stepping into the transporter. I do believe that who we are is based on our memories, thoughts, and ideas that we hold that can trace back. However, the part that tricked me up is when I reread the prompt, it stated that your “replica” is the person that transformed into California. Additionally, it states that your body turns into dust in the time machine, not that your body vanished and reappeared in California some magical way. I believe that in fact, I would have died a tragic death in New York. If my body has disintegrated into dust them that is where I lay in a pile of debris. Additionally, as I stated before coming from a faith standpoint, the words ays that from the dust you came, and to the earth, you shall return. We were made from dirt, and even in science, it is proven that once we die we do decay to nothing more than ashes to ashes and dust to dust (Ecclesiastes 3:20). With these circumstances, I am forced to believe that I died in New York and as the prompt states it is just my replica that is holding identical beliefs and ideas as I once had.


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