The evaluate the quality of services in King

The main aim of this study is to evaluate the quality of services in King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC), as one of the most important hospitals in Jordan, considering that the quality is a key parameter in hospitals performance assessment. Therefore this study is based on a questionnaire completed by 300 hospitalized patients. .

.The survey is based on “SERVQUAL” model using five dimensions of service quality such as: empathy, tangibility, responsiveness, assurance and reliability. The specific dimensions of quality service that contributes substantially to patient’s satisfaction need to be identified and performed.

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All essential in measuring the perceptions, comprehensions, and expectations of patients in each of them.Data elaboration, specification and processing identify main factors affecting the overall patients’ preferences where the findings in particular demonstrate positive results towards quality services without significant differences between expectations and actual perceptions of patients.In both manufacturing and service industries, quality improvement is the principal factor that impacts consumer satisfaction and consumer’s purchase intention. In this context, conclusion and results found should be taken in consideration as very important aspects for hospital managers and also policy makers when dealing with decisions affecting service quality assessment.

In this study hypothesis developed to investigate how SERVQUAL model of the service quality can effect patient satisfaction. The strategy that was used is called Quantitative research strategy that helps to collect quantitative data samples from patients of KHCC hospital to get their satisfaction levels. Hypotheses were tested by using multiple regression analysis to the obtained data in SPSS.The study revealed interesting results for patient satisfaction regarding the Servqual model of the service quality.

For SERVQUAL model of the service quality that is combination of five dimensions called SERVQUAL model is used which presents different results of the patients regarding their satisfaction level for KHCC hospital. Two dimensions of SERVQUAL model of the service quality gave positive effect results on patient satisfaction.Key words: Patient satisfaction, Service quality, SERVQUAL model, Health care providers.


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