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THE LITTLE VILLAGE SCHOOLINTRODUCTION At Barton-in-the-Dale primary school, the new applicant for headmistress, Elisabeth Devine,shocks the villagers by turning up in red shoes with silver heels. She is an inspired educator.Elisabeth Devine causes a stir when she applies as head teacher at Barton-in-the-Dale, She wears red shoes with silver heels, and she’s been in charge of the school.It begins at Barton-in-the-Dale primary school, with an interview for a new headmistress.

MRS. ELIZABETH DEVINEMain character of the story is Devine. She was willing to leave her comfortable city life to visit her son who had special need every week. She was determined to save the village school against all odds. She took her job very seriously and understood the difficulty of her colleagues and made life easier for them. She looked after each student as her own child.

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She was kind and patient With everyone. She remained focus on looking after her son even after her husband left her. She stood firm in what she wanted even if it mean rejecting a guy.From the beginning she was kind to Dr. Stirling even though he was an arrogant man. She faced many troubles keeping the school open. She was a very fashionable teacher wearing red shoes, short skirt and black lacy stockings.

No matter how stylish she are she always fought for what she thought was right. Even the reverent had his sermon inspired by the character of Mrs.Devine.

She was kind enough to site Mr. Stainthorpe’s his caravan on the field adjoining her property. She introduced several activities for the children to develop their talent.She was brave enough to save problems that a normal person wouldn’t havethe guys to face especially after the school received such a critical report.She even changed the glum faced wife of the reverent to be quite satisfied with her life in the village.

She was so earnest that she wanted to support the local business of the village. The people in the village admired her not because of her style but because of the good qualities she possessed .She met the love of her life when she never expected it. She was sad to know when the wife of Dr. Stirling had passed away and she was sympathetic for him and took good care of him and his son. She was also ready to take the blame for the trouble not caused by her.

She had a lot of good friends to stand by her side when she faced many problems. She was focused on one principle which was “LOVE TO LEARN AND LEARN TO LOVE”.Teaching is a very demanding job but it is an important role in the society because you can actually transform a child for good or for ill.Teachers have to be enthusiastic, hardworking,caring, dedicated, sensitive and supportive.

They must have the interest of every child however damaged or repellent at heart. The best epitome of these is Mrs. Elisabeth Devine. CONCLUSION Warm, perceptive and with the wisdom gained from a dedicated career as a teacher, Yorkshireman Gervase Phinn had long been a favorite with readers delight and this delightful novel had all his familiar charm. The applicant shocks the villagers by turning up in a totally different way. But the unconventional Elisabeth is also an inspired educator.

Thus from this story the helping tendency and the calmness of Elisabeth had been revealed.


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