The cloud data. Bhardwaj, Subramanyam, Vinay, and Sastry

The limitation of this study is that the better security transparency methods are required to secure the cloud data so that the user can ensure the more evidence of security before storing any information on a remote server. So, there is need to develop advanced techniques to avoid the unauthorised access.To conclude, the monitoring of virtual machine through Trusted Cloud Computing Platform (TCCP) and the authorised access through Service Level Agreement (SLA) is really helping to ensure the safety of the cloud data. Nonetheless, the further research is required to ensure the better security transparency on the cloud data.Unauthorised access and its prevention on the cloudIn unauthorised access, the non-granted users try to the hack the data of other users when the access methods are not strictly provided by service provider.

To avoid the unauthorized access, the authentication methods which uses public key cryptography and multiple identities of authority are used to avoid the unauthorized access and provide more security to the cloud data.Bhardwaj, Subramanyam, Vinay, and Sastry states that the unauthorised access to the cloud computing services is the major security issue which can be solved by public key cryptography. The public key cryptography is used to encrypt and decrypt the digital data before transmitting the data to and from the cloud storage (2016, p.224).

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The data that is encrypted by public key may only be decrypted by same public key when user retrieves data from the cloud. To maintain the authorised access more secure instead of using only a user Id and its password, the multiple barriers are used to avoid the attack by hackers on cloud data. This authentication technique provides more than one factors to confirm the authority of cloud user (2016, p.

225). Hence, the chance of hacker to attack the cloud data becomes difficult only by using the stolen password.The limitations of the multifactor authentication system are that the network traffic routing and intrusion detection systems are also required with the multi-factor authentication system to increase the safety of the cloud data.

To summarize, the study provides support to the thesis that the authentication systems can secure the end user data on the cloud. However, the routing of network traffic and intrusion detection systems are also required to provide more security to the cloud data.ConclusionTo conclude, the authentication methods are helpful to provide the security to the data on the remote server. The use of these methods to secure the storage of data helps to secure the cloud data from the attack of a hacker. Moreover, the monitoring of virtual machine and authorized access through Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensure the security of Consumer’s data.

Furthermore, security of cloud data is effectively ensuring the authentication methods and public key cryptography. Hence, the paper supports the thesis that the authentication system is an effective method to provide data security in cloud computing.However, the research supports the thesis, but further research is necessary to find the other security transparency methods, network traffic routing, and instruction detection systems. Furthermore, future studies should address these issues to further contribute to the upgraded knowledge in the field of data security in cloud computing.


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