The lot of comparer within non-smoker and

The latest issue in Malaysia is smoking. Smoking is common problem in Malaysia is killing people is smoking. Most people start this habit because of work stress and personal problems even though now days school students also start smoking because of bad people influence.

Smoking cigarettes can become an addiction for peoples. When someone smokes they not spoil only them their spoil the people who surrounded them. There are three effect of smoking cigarettes which are human health, environment, and cost.Firstly, smoking cigarettes will affect to a human health. There to are a lot of comparer within non-smoker and smoker. For examples smoker easily and faster will get diseases compare to a non-smoker. The major diseases of smoking are cancer and heart diseases.

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There is are some symptoms to find from smoker to find out they are facing this disease which there will difficult to breath, day by day the weight of body will reduce and there is no cure for this disease. According to Anonymous (2013) the disease can shorten your life by 10 years or more; and that the habit can cost a smoker’s thousands of dirhams a year. And there is too difficult to stop smoke because tobacco contains nicotine, which is highly addictive.Secondly smoking can cause environment pollution by realising toxic. The toxic chemical will seep into soil and water ways because of this animals and plants absorb the toxic substances from the cigarettes and that will affect them. Future more, smoking also will cause air pollution to add huge volumes of air pollution in atmosphere. And also the toxic will mix in good air and the smoke will pollute in many ways.

Carbon dioxide are present which cause air pollution through smoking cigarettes. According Rinkesh (2018) Smoking globally emits nearly 2.6 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide and 5.

2 billion kilograms of methane into the atmosphere each year.Lastly, cost of smoking cigarettes, smoking cigarettes is waste of money and an unwanted expense. Smoking can be measured in direct cost and indirect cost. For each of every smoker is direct cost the money they spend for cigarettes and additional cost of medical treatment also can been take as direct cost. According MyHealth (2018) smoker of a premium cigarette will spend RM10.00 per day. In one week, they will spend RM70.00 and RM3650.

00 per year. If smoking habits continue for 20 years, they will spend RM73000.00.

The conclusion of the effect of smoking cigarettes is bad for health and to the environment. And it can make the environment damaged. Smoking in young age will cause early death. So, the government should stop selling cigarettes and we can avoid these types of problems to the humans and environments.


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