The focusing on the evolution of human beings

The four subfields ofanthropology are Cultural Anthropology, Archeology, Linguistic Anthropology,and Physical Anthropology.

            Cultural AnthropologyThe field of culturalor socio-cultural anthropology involves the examination of the many facets thatrelate to the diverse cultures that existin many human societies that exist in the world. Cultural anthropologiststend to base their studies on present-day societies in order to unravel aspectsof their culture typically be conducting what is termed as fieldwork, whichinvolves the anthropologist actually participating in the cultural activitiesof that society in order to gain insight into why things are the way they arein that particular society.ArcheologyThe field of archeologyconcerns the study of ancient societies and aspects of their cultures in orderto gain insight on how our ancestors lived and evolved. An archeologist spendsa great deal of time excavating ancient sites that are located in differentparts of the world in order to find clues which can somehow give insight intohow humans in that particular area lived in their time.

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Many archeologists tendto focus on specific regions around the world and some become specialists in acertain field of archeology such as Egyptology, Biblical Archeology, andUnderwater Archeology to name a few.LinguisticAnthropologyThe field of linguisticanthropology involves the study of language and its role in communication amonghuman beings. It deals with the actual structure of the language itself and howit functions as a means of communication. Linguistic anthropologists try todiscover the impact that language has on a particular culture as well as itsconnection with the cultural identity of that culture as well as othersignificant facets that make a language are unique to that culture.   PhysicalAnthropologyThe branch of physicalor biological anthropology relates to the study of the evolution of humans aswell as some of the closest biological relatives to humans. Most biologicalanthropologists spend a great deal of time focusing on the evolution of humanbeings with the intention of discovering how and why humans changed throughoutthe ages to ultimately become what they are today. Physical anthropologistsconcentrate their research on areas such as human biology, paleoanthropology,or primatology.


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