The of a fierce debate in higher

The issue of internationalisation has been the subject of a fierce debate in higher education throughout the last decades. Attending universities in the UK has traditionally been the main route for international students to acquire foreign degrees so there is no doubt that internationalisation plays an important role in our lives. Nowadays, British universities tend to realize the importance of internationalisation in higher education and become formally committed to international students. For instance, St. John University in York is keen on meeting the demands of operating in a worldwide environment and as a consequence is offering international students several scholarships to become increasingly international. Within the above context, the impact of internationalisation in higher education has been considerable and continues to grow as a way of attaining globalisation. With globalisation, a massive demand for international students and recognized academic is generated to achieve international competitiveness in higher education. As if this is self-evident, globalisation would range from broad foreign policy interests to more specific concerns of economic development, all of which can be served by the skills and intellectual expertise found in higher education. As a consequence, the mass provision of high quality higher education is crucial in order to meet the knowledge and skills needs of internationalisation.


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