The painting that I selected

The painting that I selected from theBaroque era is “The Crucifixion of St.

Peter” Michelangelo. The painting showsSt. Peter. The project was from 1546-1550.

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Michelangelo was a painter, poet,architect, and also considered himself a sculptor. As we can see from theimage, the focus is on St. Peter. The light attention of crowd toward centerself portrait in upper left corner.Caravaggio paintedcrucifixion scene 50 years after Michelangelo’s version.

They paintings weresimilar but had differences. The differences were Caravaggio’s used fewerpeople and extreme use of light vs. dark.

Michelangelo portrayed St. Peter inthe moment in which the Roman soldiers to the cross-raised him. The attentionis focusing on pain and suffering. The painting also demonstrates the faces ofthe people clearly distressed. I believe theatrically is expressed in thepainting. It demonstrates exaggerated and excessively dramatic manner.



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