The like Thiruvalluvar well thought-out and equated

The cooking customsof a people articulate their attitudes to life. Consumption a healing diet packed with therapeutic foodsthat aid prevent and care for diseases in nature.

Diet conceivably plays one of themost significant roles in our daily life and wellbeing. Our diets should be assuch that we sustain symmetry of vatham, pitham and kabham. There is that Tamilmotto “Unavae marunthu; marunthae unavu” which means food is medicine,medicine is food. Siddhars like Thiruvalluvar well thought-out and equated foodto medicine decades back to craft the value of nutrition. Our ancestors survived on older rice and farm grownmillets, spices.

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Earlier, habitual food objects had played an integral role inpeople’s lives, providing nutrition to them and ensuring a strong connectionbetween the community and the land. People knew what to eat, how much to eatand when to eat it even before the formal knowledge of nutrition and balanced diet. Therewas no need for medicines or dietary supplements, Food was used as thecure.

The Siddha and Ayurvedic method ofhealing were all born from this period old practice, we can find evidenceof this in ancient scripting and novels. Traditional Tamil cuisine isperhaps the oldest representative of the continuous vegetarian cultures of theworld. . Traditional recipes produce an unique merge of medicinal spices, thatmakes the food very delicious, nutritious and hearty. Vegetables, Millets, Lentils,Meats and Dairy products are the foundation. A healthy diet promote healing without medication and helpful inprevention of diseases also. Nevertheless, there is still hope.

Manyhave come to realize the downfalls of fast food and the conventional andcommercial food habits and are now seeking to return to millets and otherhealthy alternatives. Slowly,traditional food is being popularized and is making a way back intothe lives of our people. This study aims to carve up well-liked healthy andtraditional recipes for a healthier living.                                           


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