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The Internet’s child known as social media could be seen as one of these hindrances, social media while a great way to connect with friends past and present is a place where many negative aspects of people’s lives can stem from. Body image issues, bullying and being exposed to potentially disturbing content are just some of the problems social media users could run into, survey results collected by show that 62% of young people who took the survey have been sent hurtful private messages via smartphone social media apps and www. built further on those results with their own survey showing 91% of people that have reported being cyber bullied said no action was taken. The age old answer ‘Just delete your account’ is a typical response to these results but the question is why should they have to delete their account for just wanting to go online to talk to their friends or upload a picture of themselves when they feel good about how they look ? On the opposite side of the fence, technology has helped save many lives due to the advancements of tech in the medical field. Organ transplants, Pacemakers and MRI machines are just some of the many incredible benefits technology has gave us in the progression of medicine, countless amounts of lives have been saved so far and there will be many more to come thanks to technologies like these. Looking back on how far we as people have come due to technology is truly extraordinary and the crazy thing is that we still haven’t even hit our peak, how many more discoveries will we make? How many more lives will be saved? How far can we go? And can we go too far? Technology has graced us with its presence and with it comes the good and the bad, the debate of numerous tech based topics such as whether internet messaging ruins face to face social interaction or if video games cause violence in children, but no matter what we can’t deny that life as a whole would be a lot different without it for better or for worse.

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