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The world of construction intrigues me and consumes myinterest. I have been interested in the construction industry from a young ageand as I have grown older I have become fascinated with the impact thatconstruction can have on society. I am amazed by the constantly evolving citylandscapes and exciting projects which I have witnessed being completed. I amdetermined to obtain a degree in construction management. I believe this coursewill provide me with the knowledge that I will require in order to begin asuccessful career in construction and ultimately improve the world around me. I am currently enrolled at the City of Glasgow Collegestudying a HND in construction management.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my timestudying towards my HND and believe that it has equipped me with theappropriate knowledge that I will require to proceed on to further education.  The experiences which I havehad within the construction industry have ensured my belief that this is what Iwant to pursue. My first taste of the construction industry came when Icompleted a work experience placement with the international engineering firmBurro Happold. Myresponsibilities included administrative duties and I was given a project towork on throughout the week where I designed a building and presented my designprocess and end product to the office at the end of the week. This experienceenabled my confidence to grow and provided me with an understanding of how theconstruction industry operates at the design stage. My time at Buro Happolddeveloped many transferable skills which will assist me in further educationand the future, such as organisational skills; problem solving; communication;teamwork; planning and time management.

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  I have also recently completed a Construction Managementsummer placement with Kier construction. I was placed at the Glasgow School ofArt restoration project. During my time at Kier, I completed the objectives ofa site manager on a day to day basis. I found this experience to be extremelyvaluable. I was able to gain an understanding of construction in a live,working environment.

Through this placement I gained experience on site and Iimproved my understanding of building methods and regulations. I also honedpersonal skills such as my ability to lead a team, my ability to motivateothers and my ability to solve problems under pressure. I am employed by SWGR, a company which provide personnel tothe built environment sector, primarily focusing upon construction and railwayprojects. Through my part- time occupation at SWGR, I have been able to gain anunderstanding of how projects are completed on our countries rail networks. I believe that I have the personal, practical and academicskills which are required to become a successful construction manager.

I wantto combine my interest and ability in order to obtain my degree with the aim ofthen moving on to paving my way towards a successful career within theconstruction industry.


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