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The information gathered from student records, previous teacher, parent/guardian interactions, and student conversations will allow me to support, modify, or accommodate students’ needs. Knowing if a student has a disability will allow me to arrange my classroom in a way that meets the needs of the students, and allow her/him to move around with facility. The knowledge I learn will also be helpful in trying to understand my students and how they learn best. I might have to ease students into working with others or simply give them time to feel comfortable interacting.

Other students might have to learn how to work with others. I will have clear expectations about working together, there will be responsibilities and roles when students work together. For this to work, I will have to incorporate activities that require each member of the group to participate. I will also have to integrate material into the lesson to support students. This could include sentence frames, group collaboration, learning styles, interest, or other needs.

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Additionally, if I learn about students that become easily upset, I can prepare myself and find ways to help them calm down. It will be essential to talk to all students and be a role model by treating each other with respect. I strongly believe students can learn to care about each other’s feelings and respect different opinions from their peers.


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