The students, the future generations, be the

The information gathered about my students’ interests and aspirations will be used to engage students during lessons. Students knowing that I take their interest into consideration and used to teach might make them feel valued and cared for. One of the main things I will add while planning is to allow time for students to participate and make connections to other work.

I want to use relevant and current information in our lessons to help my students, the future generations, be the best they can be. Throughout the year I would like to show my students how their future can be full of possibilities. Conversations with my students would allow me to learn about what they hope to accomplish, and how they can make it happen. I want to push my students towards following their interest and to work through any challenges. During different units, I will add topics about people who made and are making a change in our world. Depending on the interest and aspirations I can add topics that will build the students’ knowledge and cause them to seek more information on the topic.

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For example, during literature student can connect to a character and find ways they can apply the character’s behavior to their everyday life. Not all topics are fun, but I want to develop and incorporate tasks in our lesson that can engage students. I will take the information my students give me and work towards creating lessons that have a purpose.


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