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The induction process is essential for everyone at the company as it is the tool that is used to integrate new employees fully into a staff team and by having an effective induction period this has a knock on effect where a staff team is built on positive foundations and everyone is working at the same level towards the same goals.Because of the nature of the young people we care for our induction includes a two week period where the staff member will “shadow” an experienced member of staff. This gives the staff member the opportunity to get used to the environment of working in a house without the pressure of being officially on shift.

It also gives the young people a chance to get used to having a new person working at the house as some of the young people can react differently to change in their lives as they have had a difficult upbringing. During this period the staff member receives in-house mandatory training which includes first aid, restraint training, recording and safeguarding. Once this two-week period ends we assess during supervision if the staff member is ready to go onto the rota or if they would benefit from more shadow shifts. Supervision continues to be carried out fortnightly during the 6-month probation period. I find this to be beneficial especially during the first couple of months where the staff member may deal with a situation for the first time and may need to talk through some reflective practice. I also found that when I became senior in a different home an “induction” period where I received supervision and support was beneficial. I also did a couple of visits to the home to get used to the new environment and meet the staff team.

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The induction period is important for the organisation as it forms the basis of having a strong staff group throughout the homes especially as the company is growing. If a strong induction period is in place where the levels of expectation are set out from the start then this can be implemented throughout the company as it expands.


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