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The world has been usingconsiderable amount of fossil fuels, nuclear power, etc. as the source ofenergy. These are known as non renewable resources, and accordingly, it is thetime for all nations to encounter the reality of their limitation and greatcontribution to environmental contamination.

Moreover, due to the finiteness ofthese resources, the price of them fluctuates severely, and often be used asdiplomatic threat. As a result, many nations have begun developing renewableenergy generated from solar, wind, ocean, hydropower, biomass, geothermalresources, and so on. Nevertheless, due to each nation’s differentenvironmental condition and financial situation, the international research anddistribution of renewable energy is a question of long standing.   Also,Brazil had used non-renewable energy in a significantly high rate in the pastjust as other countries.

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After experiencing the oil-shock, however, this nationfelt the risk of using such sources as energy. Therefore, they have researchedtheir all relevant conditions for enhancing renewable energy, and the hydropowerseemed to be appropriate. Eventually, hydropower has taken approximately 80% inrenewable energy generation in Brazil by 2001. Nevertheless, in 2001, Brazilunderwent severe drought, so since then, the government has been developingother renewable resources such as wind, bio ethanol, solar, and so on.    Therefore, the delegate ofBrazil suggests the future oriented measures to address international researchand distribution of renewable energy; expand tax reduction for domesticrenewable energy R department, universalize smart grid, constructinternational cooperation system for renewable energy development.   First, Brazil recommends expandingtax reduction for each nation’s domestic renewable energy R&D field.Economic Promotion Programme by the Brazilian Government in 2015 (PAC) reportedthat in order to activate PROINFA, which is wind and biomass developmentprogram, Brazilian government has given incentives and tax reduction to thecorporations that research renewable energy.

For instance, in the north andnortheast regions, biodiesel manufacturers that currently rely on castor can beexempt from social security taxes such as PIS and COFINS according to thegovernment policy. This exemption triggered vitalized R&D along withvariety of technologies, and nurturing a professional workforce. Additionally,it increased the wind power improvement by 5.4%. Since each government haslimitation on researching such energy, using this policy, private corporationscan supply research demand.

  Second, smart grid generalizationis needed. Although Brazil generates considerable amount of energy fromrenewable resources, because of substandard electricity supply and transmissioninfra, this nation creates approximately 10billion barrel loss annually.However, with smart grid, this kind of situation can be solved. Smart gridsrepresent a new era in the electrical sector, as we go from static one-waymanagement to dynamic two-way management. This increases efficiency and energysavings. It also decreases the amount of electric outages.

Unfortunately,Brazil and many other countries lacks the smart grid system, while somedeveloped countries already utilize it. So, countries which possess goodimprovement of this system should aid other countries so that smart gridgeneralization can be accomplished.  Finally, the world shouldconstruct international cooperation system for renewable energy development.Although the environmental condition to develop renewable energy is prepared,due to the financial difficulties, developing countries have a hard time inresearching and generalization of renewable energy.

Therefore, in order toaccomplish international distribution of such energy, this committee shouldconsider constructing international cooperation system so that developedcountries can aid developing countries. Brazil is well known for havingabundant amount of sunshine thanks to the near location with equator and tropicof capricorn. However, before 2000s, Brazil had to rely upon hydropower energysignificantly because of economical problem; the cost of initial improvement ofsolar energy was expensive. Accordingly, this nation decided to interact withthe Republic of Korea and many other nations for the efficient research onsolar energy. On this account, Brazil was able to surpass Chile with the amountof solar energy generation in 2016, and now expecting additional installationwhich runs to 3.

4GW by 2018. As this instance proves, the delegate of Brazilhighly recommends constructing international cooperation system for renewableenergy. 


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