The hopes of youth for their native

The hopes of youth for their native country free of poverty,unemployment and inequality make them important part of a nation’s development.

They desire a country free of those races which are based on color, languageand gender. So, their role in building a nation occupies the central place. Ibelieve that youth is the mind of the nation and the biggest power of a nationlies in it because the hunger, desire, motivation and high energy of the youthcan either destroy the nation or build the nation. As we know that young peoplehave an enthusiasm and passion for improving their country, which has to beregulated and utilized in right way. The countries which utilize their youth inan accurate manner are more developed. On the contrary, the countries whichfail to realize the importance of the youth lag behind in every department oflife.

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This is one of the reasons of the backwardness of Pakistan. Pakistan is acountry where more than fifty percent population is comprised of young people.Even with this majority, the country is still lagging behind as compared toother developed nations of the world. The major reason behind this dilemma isthat our youth has lost its national pride and do not even think about theprosperity of this country because a huge percentage of young people is engagein finding the ways to go to abroad and settle there for therest of their lives. They are even ready to do this by hook or by crook. This is due to the reason that they believe that the basicfacilities of life cannot be fulfilled in Pakistan and for this reason theyblame the government. I believe some sort of this is true but everyone knowsthat it takes two to make a quarrel. So, there are some faults for which theyouth is also responsible.

The biggest fault of them is that they spend most oftheir time in vulgar activities like movies, video games and so on. Anotherreason is that they are going far away from the Islam and from traditions ofour society; they always try to follow the foreign culture while living in an Islamicsociety which is completely opposite to the foreign culture. On the contrary,they are also facing the basic problems that are taking place in the country likethe financial issues, job opportunities arelimited etc. Developed countries are successful because theyconsider their youth as the important part of the nation and provide them education, employment, recreationalactivities, etc. such healthy and competitive environment prepares the youth tolead the country, which provesthat they understand their youth as worthy.                                   Only properguidance and direction can bring the youth of Pakistan on right track that isthe good education can make them great leaders of tomorrow, they need to learn skills to do the job that their country’seconomy needs.

They also need to practice how to read, write, think,understand, analyze, and discuss the issues their country faces. This can surely ensure rapid national developmentas the entire success of a nation depends on the youth.


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