The I have always been a keen learner

Thefuture of the present world is filled with abundant data and it’s not just dataalone it is the intelligence that will circumference the data around us. Thishas been my very keen topic of interest since the time I stepped into myengineering career, I was a bit different from a traditional mechanicalengineer trying to focus on the routine. I am very eager to understand the roleof data in mechanical engineering and how it can be able to fulfil the needsand demands of the future. I have always been a keen learner of Mathematics,consistently maintaining a good score in Statistics and Mathematics all throughmy academic career.

I have been associated with Sri VenakateswaraCollege of Engineering affiliated to Anna university, where I had anopportunity to get exposed to various situations which helped me moldmyself  into a mature and professionalperson. Generally, people sometimes think that they have wasted their time incollege by not studying computer science since the career that they have chosenis more closely aligned to computer science. My answer would be a”no” because most of the mechanical engineering programs help you tounderstand ten to fifteen core subjects which majorly deal with statistics ,thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, kinematics of machinery,computer aided design , mechatronics. These subjects cover a lot of content, but only a small fraction of whatyou actually face in practice. So by necessity mechanical engineering programsare really about teaching you how to think about solving problems.

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  I have taken up an internship at Guessdata Software’s which helped me understand in-depth about tools that are usedin Data science and Analytics. I have gained practical skills in data scienceexploring the real time Hadoop ecosystem and how the data is working on aDistributed platform, I have fully explored the working of Extraction,Transformation and Loading Mechanism with the help of advanced Informatics Tool.The internship was based out of real time user data, where we were able tounderstand and explore the patterns of data with advanced visual Intelligenceusing QlikView and Qliksense. These advanced analytics using qlikview andQliksense has given me the opportunity to truly understand the way dataanalytics has shaped decision making in every single step of the internship. Iwas fully aware of how exactly distributed data management is implemented. As amechanical engineer, I feel that there is a lot of scope in data analytics.Also, there is a large explosion of data that is generated by the machines thatwe use today.

I am interested in understanding how this data can be turned intodecision making information. The data that we cannot see is actually more thanthe data that is presented in front of us. Though all data might not be relevant,it is still possible to harness the power of big data to utilize all the data.Data Science can be very useful in every aspect of today’s modern mechatronicswhere there needs to be a strong way to capture the live data and present thedata to the decision making systems. The amount of data that we can generate everyday really excites me to enter into the data analytics field. I am reallyexcited to be a part of this great data transformation age and I feel verymotivated to be able to learn, evolve and become a mature data scientist tomake useful decision making.Iworked on a mini project entitled “DESIGNAND FABRICATION OF EXHAUST GAS CALORIMETER” as part of my engineeringcourse work which mainly deals with analysis of data. The objective of thisproject was to analyze the heat exhausted by the engine at varying engine speedand draw the heat balance sheet for the twin cylinder diesel engine.

Thisproject was praised by all my peers and professors. I have  presented a paper entitled “Experimental Investigations on Multilayercoated PCCI engine fuelled with Jatropha and diesel blends ” in NCEGMPT 2K17 sponsored byCSIR. The purpose of this research work was to investigate the performance andemission characteristics of the compression ignition engine fuelled withjatropha as the alternate fuel and with different Diesel-Biodiesel blendsincorporating the multilayer coated piston in the PCCI (Premixed chargecompression ignition) engine. I havealways tried to maintain a good balance between academics and extra-curricularactivities. Being a member of various clubs like SME, CARE and QMC, I got an opportunityto organize various events and seminars in our college, which gave me adequateexposure in presentations and extracurricular activities. It was a trulyenriching experience.

I was elected as a student coordinator of the qualitymanagement center club by my fellow students. This post gave me the chance toorganize several events like the quality convention and various workshops onquality concepts. In addition, I helped in organizing a national levelmechanical engineering symposium (IGNITION 2K15) in college and I was in chargeof conducting the “RC ASSAULT” event.My shortterm goal is to learn more about this rapidly changing theoretical backgroundof big data analytics and equip myself with new technology. With aspiration forMS degree in big data analytics from (————–) university, I want to beone of  the key players who are applyingtheir specialized knowledge to augment this constantly evolving technology forbetterment of   society in the long run,I hope to utilize the gained knowledge and skills set in pursuing research-oriented projects to compete with the fastidious world of technology.

After mygraduation and few years of intensive research, I would bring out myinnovations by setting up an entrepreneur and providing opportunities to peoplewith similar attitude. I feel that I will strongly contribute to the diversityat (university name) because I have pursued my education in different citiesand interacted with various people from various backgrounds and differentcultures.My aptitude in big data analytics is self-made,and the synergic relationship between theory and practical part in the courseof study will definitely enhance my skills further after completion of mydesired course in big data analytics at (university). I strongly value mygraduate program at this university, because I am sure that it is going to provideme an excellent opportunity to realize my entire potential at data analyticswith some of the best and highly motivating faculty and stimulating environment.Given my academic records and my interest in this field, I sincerely feel thatI make a strong candidate for graduate studies at (short form of universityname) and I am looking forward to this possibility, in order to better myselfand also to make significant contributions to the world we live in.



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