The districts that are tired of being

The Hunger Games series is set in a dystopian future where the different wealth classes have
divided into separate districts. Each year two children, aged between 12 and 16 compete in
a game, called The Hunger Games. These games were designed to be a fight to the death.
The children, 24 in total, would be sent to an arena and provided with weapons where the
last one standing will be crowned victor and receive food and wealth for the rest of their
lives. For the first two districts it is an honour to be chosen, at a ceremony called The
Reaping, and these children train their whole lives to compete. The book follows Katniss, a
young girl who volunteers for her younger sister at the reaping. She uses her knowledge of
the woods to hide until most of the tributes, as they are called, are dead. Thereafter she
teams up with the boy from her district and their relationship spawns an unprecedented
love story that enables them both to be crowned victors. Their victory sparks a revolution in
the different districts that are tired of being supressed by the Capitol.


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