The huge expansion of the malls started in 1960. At this date, in the United States, there was approximately 4000 malls contributing for 15 % of the total retail sales. In 1976 there was 16400 shopping centers representing 34% of the total sales. In 1987, there were 29000 malls contributing for more than the half of the retail sales. Today, shopping centers are now everywhere in our daily lives.
Since the mid 90’s, internet has become a big disruption in the retail industry. People can now search for the product that they want online, place their orders, and get it deliver in a few days at their own home. The B2C business model has made it very convenient for shoppers to choose a product online from a retailer’s website and to have it delivered very fast. Using online shopping methods, people do not need to go in-store, and save much more time, and also the cost of the travel.
Shoppers enjoy going to shopping centers. We like to see the product, touch it, as well as the contact with the sales staff asking for more advices, or simply the fact of being treated well, like in the luxury shops.


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