The history of Japan, we will find

The history of “sakoku” or “country in chains” is when Japan was in Japanese don’t want any outsiders because of their idea that they cause harm to the Japanese people and Japan.

Sakuko was a law or an act that nobody can enter or leave the country. This law where outsiders of Japan can not enter and Japanese people cannot leave either. By studying the history of Japan, we will find out how Japan changed, what were the struggles, and the changed what Japan is today. “sakoku” is very important when learning Japanese language and culture for the reason that it let us understand where the Japanese are coming from and understand a native Japanese. By learning the history of Sakoku we will have a good understanding in what manner the Japanese people communicate to any foreigners.The Japanese gave or granted leniency in learning their customs or language because now they want us to learn their culture and be known to other countries.

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Also, they want know to see what is outside Japan. By learning their language, they can communicate better to foreigners who knows their language and, in that way, they can exchange their backgrounds and culture.By having isolationist mentality Japanese people has an effect on their culture and with no foreign influence the Japanese people caused them to keep their culture intact. Being isolationist also affected their economy duo to the fact that they little or don’t have Japan’s becoming internationalized has been successful.

One good example is like now why are we learning Japanese Language, also Japanese cars and overall Japan is competing around the world.


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