The health of the child

The health of the child is very crucial and plays a vital role in their development. If the child is healthy, it is very much likely the child will develop in a healthy typical way.The child development would be speedy and confidence will grow. However, an unhealthy child or poor diet can result in a poor child development. The fact that they would be unwilling to play among normal child can also result in social and emotional challenges.

Often illnesses and diseases affect a child’s development tremendously for example if a child has asthma, he or she would not be willing to play outside like other kids. This may affect the social behaviour of a child, as children are more likely develop friendship with other kids at an early age.Hence, it is important for them to develop emotional maturity as well as social skills needed to get along with other people. In short, if a child is often ill, teachers at school can engage them in a group activity that can help them find their confidence at some point.

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