The the city of Saqqara. Its height

The great Egyptian pyramids were erected at different times with several pharaohs who created tombs and monuments for ages. The oldest of them is the pyramid of Djoser. Its construction dates back to the year 2670. It is located in the city of Saqqara. Its height is 62 meters. The name of the author of this pyramid is known – it was the ancient Egyptian architect Imhotep. He was very revered in ancient Egypt, and later he even became the main patron of crafts and arts – the son of the god Ptah – even in myths.

The second largest Egyptian pyramid was built by the son of Cheops, Pharaoh Khafre. It is lower than the nearby tomb of Cheops, its height is 136.4 meters, but since it is on a higher point of the plateau, it competes with the great pyramid. At its top there is still a white basaltic facing, which is very similar to the glacier. The internal structure of the pyramid is quite simple – two chambers, two entrances located on the north side. One of them is located at a height of fifteen meters, and the second – right under it, at the base of the structure.

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pyramids of EgyptThe Pyramid of Micherine was erected in 2504 BC. It is much smaller than the two great pyramids. The height is 66 meters.

Scientists believe that the small size is due to the fact that Mikerin was not a legitimate heir to the throne. However, when he did receive power, the structure began to have a more monumental appearance. Unlike the pyramids of Cheops and Khafre, its cladding was made of huge blocks of pink granite, which was brought to Giza from Aswan by the Nile. According to the surviving records of contemporaries, despite the more modest size, this structure was considered the most beautiful in Egypt.Pyramid of Cheops in EgyptMuch later, similar structures were built in other parts of the country, which today Egypt is proud of.

Giza, the pyramids of which are known all over the world, gained fame thanks to one of them – Cheops. It has become a real miracle of the world, which can be seen in our time. The great Egyptian pyramids are rightfully considered to be the three highest buildings – the pyramids of Cheops, Mykerin and Khafre. But do not forget, in this ancient city there are many small buildings that keep as many secrets as the more monumental.The pyramid of Cheops in Giza was built a long time ago. Until now, it is not known exactly how long it took to erect it. It is believed that this great pyramid in Giza has been standing since the times when Cheops, the pharaoh of the IV dynasty, ruled the country.

A huge interest in the history of its erection has not been reduced even today. Myths about the pyramid Theories about the origin of this grandiose structure there are many. Some of them are based on information received from Egyptologists, others have a somewhat exotic, fabulous plaque.

There is even a version that this structure was erected by aliens or some kind of disappeared civilization that lived in these places even before the appearance of the pharaohs. And built it using unknown technical capabilities. According to such theories, the age of this pyramid in Giza is much higher than that,pyramids of Giza EgyptTo accurately measure the parameters of the pyramid of Cheops in our time is quite difficult, because for its long history it has been severely damaged. Today, for example, there is already no stone, which crowned the structure, the slabs of the cladding were destroyed. According to the data obtained with the help of modern measuring instruments, in the beginning the great pyramid in Giza had a height of 146.5 meters. The length of one side is 232.

5 meters. The sides have a slope of 51 degrees 50 minutes. Weight – 6400000 tons. The internal structure of the famous pyramid in Giza is quite interesting.pyramids of Giza in EgyptEveryone who enters this magnificent building can visit four spacious rooms.

These are the chambers of the king and queen, a large gallery and an underground chamber. Researchers inside the pyramid discovered four mines. At first it appeared that they were necessary for the ventilation of premises, but later a more bold version arose, according to which the mines are channels to the stars.

Two of them are aimed at the North Star, the third – on the star Sirius, the fourth – on Orion. Since ancient times, people have sought to climb to the top of the Cheops pyramid, where there is a small playground measuring ten square meters. There was a belief that you can come in contact with eternity. Many famous Russians have visited this mysterious place.

Among them, the Emperor Nicholas II. And today many tourists come to Giza,


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