The Andrew Johnson also known as one

The Reconstruction Era was the period after the Civil War,
also known as the period of rebuilding America. The Era started in 1865 and
ended in 1877. The president at the time was Abraham Lincoln, during his
presidency he had planned for the reconstruction of the south during the Civil
War and was determined to bring the nation back together. In December 1863
President Abraham Lincoln presented his proposal on Reconstruction with the
approval of the state’s new constitutions prohibiting slavery. On December 18th,
1865 congressed passed the 13th amendment formally abolishing

Although Abraham Lincoln did not live to see the
Reconstruction Era, his success passed down to the vice president Andrew
Johnson also known as one of the worst presidents of all time. He was known to
be racist, did not take criticism well and did not work well with congress,
leading him to get vetoed. During this time many northerners such as
“carpetbaggers” would move down south to rebuild their lives, while many white
southerners did not agree with the reconstruction and were angered by
northerners who moved south. Creating problems with both the north and south.

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Soon after, the 14th amendment was incorporated
into the constitution, marking a “significant change in the federal balance of
power, empowering the national government to protect the rights of citizens
against violations by the states.” (Foner) After passing the Reconstruction act
in 1867 Southern black men were inspired to vote, shortly after the 15th
amendment “The Reconstruction Acts inaugurated the period of Radical
Reconstruction, when a politically mobilized black community, with its white
allies, brought the Republican Party to power throughout the South.
For the first time, African-Americans voted in large numbers and held public
office at every level of government.” (Foner) This had to be one of the
successes during the reconstruction of our nation, but with victory comes
tragedy. After the 15th amendment was established a group was
created called the Ku Klux Klan. This group along with other kindred groups
were created to bring violence and threaten any race that was not white. Many
of these men and woman were so threatened with African Americans they would
scare them into not voting, burn down houses and even murder. This has had to
be one of the most horrific times for anyone that wasn’t white and would
consider this to have been a fail to reconstruct our nation. Groups like the Ku
Klux Klan still exist to this day, Racism is now a big issue for our country and
have many Americans living in fear.

There have been positive and negative effects from the reconstruction
era that has shaped the way society is today. Without the experience of the
reconstruction era, we may have not been able to witness freedom, citizenship, have
the right to vote and be able to create a better country.

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