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The first activity I planned was a game which can be described as standing in a circle and throwing a ball or balls, it is intended to aid focus, hand-eye coordination, relaxation and be fun. It would be ideal for younger children or children with ADHD.First the children and SNA’s organise into a circle so that everyone can see each other and make strong eye contact.The person who is currently holding the ball looks for someone in the circle who is making good eye contact and gently throws them the ball, the person who catches the ball then continues the game by doing the same, looking for someone who is making good eye contact and gently throwing them the ball. The goal is to complete at least 10 repetitions without dropping the ball while ensuring that everyone in the circle gets an adequate number of goes.It should be emphasised that the ball should be tossed gently for health and safety reasons, especially to younger children and children with sub-optimal motor skills.

This activity should also be done in silence or near silence, so that the focus is on eye contact and giving undivided attention to the person with whom you are interacting. The silence also makes the game more relaxing.The game can be made easier by everybody taking one step forward so thatThere is less distance for the ball to travel, making it easier to catch or the game can be made more difficult by taking a step backwards leaving the ball with farther to travel.The game can also be made more difficult by the introduction of a second ball, the first ball could be tossed around by the children while the second ball tossed by the adults, this would require a greater level of focus and concentration while also creating a need for a higher level of timing as there are two balls moving around at the same time.This game also improves the hand-eye coordination of the children playing

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