The number of research grants received from the

The financial perspective contains the tangible outcomes in traditional financial terms. First, it would be the fund raising of the university. The money that gain from the fund is to expend the campus for a better and bigger environment where it is the origin of innovation. Estimation of the size of land and the total of the fund could be a great measurement for the financial perspective. Second, it would be the revenue of the operations. University could gain income from the operation.

Increasing research grants from the sponsor of the university is the first goal. Volume and the number of research grants received from the sponsor will be the measurement for financial perspective. The second goal is increasing student fees. Increasing student fees could bring revenue to campus and it could be used for upgrading the facilities in the campus. Percentage of contribution cost of the campus will be the measurement for the campus. Third, it would be financial management. Have a good financial report is very important in deciding the future of the campus.

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Measurement in this criteria would be whether the university have a balanced budget to operate. The next goal of financial management is economic success of the university. The rate of increase in fee-paying students influences the measurement of this criteria.


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