The Nazis because Hitler was so good

The failure of the Munich Beer Hall Putsch weakened Hitler and the Nazis. Hitler was in prison for 9 months, in 1924, and during his time there, he had a lots to think about.

While Hitler planned on how to move his party forward there wasn’t much he could do, being kept inside, and his followers outside didn’t exactly continue leading properly. By the time Hitler was out again, the Nazis had almost completely broken up. The arrest of many leaders and Hitler himself caused the party to be ambitionless and weak. In addition to this, Hitler was banned from speaking publicly until 1928. this was even worse for the Nazis because Hitler was so good at manipulating people by speech, when he couldn’t do it, no-one would listen.

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This lead the party to lose more votes and become very unpopular. On the other hand, due to the fact that Hitler couldn’t speak out verbally he decided to write a book, however many were disappointed as it was a dull read in a verbose style. The NSDAP won practically no support from the German working class, especially in big cities and it was extremely obvious that people would only vote for an extremist party if the economy was unstable and people were confused and desperate. The Nazis did not gain support unless it was essential for the country to survive.


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