The empires that developed in Mesopotamia

The empires that developed in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Persia had many things that was similar. They all had some form of religious beliefs, they all believed in some form of god or gods, they had their own rites and rituals that they performed either daily or yearly. The Mesopotamian believed in multiple gods they also believed in making sacrificial offering in the temple to feed the gods. This was done to satisfy them and to keep them satisfied and calm. This was done daily, but some ritual can be done yearly. Egypt worshiped multiple gods as well and they had their daily offering rituals in all the temples. The people were not allowed to serve the god’s their jobs was to maintain the god’s daily needs, recite chants and devotions for the spirit of the dead and be involved in rituals which guaranteed the continued kindness of the gods to the people. Persia followed one religion call Zoroastrianism one single deity named Ahura Mazda. The people were able to worship individually either at home or in the open. When they did meet for a religious occasion it was around a platform where a fire was burning, and it took place on on or around hills. Even though they believed in different gods, they all believed in a god or multiple gods that they served faithfully. I predict religion will be found in later empires because religion is something that many people practice and will continue to practice for many years to come.


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