The globe. Today, consumers are becoming more

The economic reasons for a business usually depend on monetary reasons, such as taxation exchange rates and government policies. For other business inflation and tax will have a big impact on the business. Businesses pay a tax called cooperation tax, which is currently at 20%.

This means that business have to pay 20% of their revenue to the government. Another economic discussion is that today, the economy around the world remains fragile, even after three years of slow recovery from its bottom in year 2009. In UK particularly, the unemployment rate remains high, and consumers are commented to be cautious and prudent in their spending habits. SocialOverall, the living standards of people are rising around the globe. Today, consumers are becoming more demanding. People simply have higher expectations on the level of services provided by businesses.

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Overall, for businesses this will mean that they have to up their standards and supply more for the people. Banks and the government rely on people to save money. The money saved is used to boost the economy as it is borrowed by businesses and householders for mortgages etc. Also, people are leaving their houses to live by themselves at a much younger age than before, this means that people are getting a mortgage at a younger age and getting into a debt a lot quicker. Furthermore, there has been a change in demographic trends this can have a significant influence on businesses. For example, in one place there may be more ethnicity than another.


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